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Merry Christmas [Jan. 4th, 2013|07:32 pm]
Matthew j. Bauman

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ALL the pictures [Oct. 15th, 2012|07:53 pm]
Matthew j. Bauman
[Current Location |Athens, Tx]
[music |Point Juncture, WA - Kings Part II]

Dat Sunset

Dat Molotov

Dat Glacier

Dem Elephants

Dat Nautilus

Dat Road

Dem fangs

Dat Waterfall

Dem Clouds

Dat Coastline

Dat chameleon

Dat Hair

Dat Cave

Dat Memorial

Dat Polar bear Dem horns

Dat Cameroon

Dat Poland

Dat Schadenfreude

Dat Isle of Skye



Dat ol' mossy creek

Dis Waterfall
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NTX RPG Convention [Oct. 15th, 2012|06:58 pm]
Matthew j. Bauman
[music |The Greatful Dead - Star-Spangled Banner (accapella)]

In June, I went to the North Texas RPG Convention.

I passed up a guy in a flightsuit covered in obscure nerd patches recruiting players for his Battletech game in a rush to get into the convention and see the sights. It was pretty small (not a lot of sights). So I went back to the lobby and got to see folks play this map:

Mad props to Fulongamer. He put a LOT of work into this game and I was totally impressed.
Seriously, big ups. This guy rules.

Speaking of rules, Battletech is the most complicated game I've ever seen.
It took them most of the day.. I'm not even sure they finished.

Here's a picture of me taking over while a guy went to lunch.
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